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What user levels are there?

Medic52 has two types of user access rights.

  1. You have a user level defining your essential rights across the system.
  2. Special module rights allowing a user to have elevated permissions on

User Levels

We have three levels of users, Patrollers, Dispatchers & Managers.

Each can do a few different things within the system that is detailed below.


  • Log in to app.medic52.com
  • Create Cases
  • View only existing Cases assigned to them
  • Edit only open Cases, assigned to them
  • Edit their own account details (email & password)
  • Print Cases via web admin (print on device only if enabled in resort settings)
  • View ‘My Devices’
  • View My Training progress
  • Make Training Assessments  as defined by training modules when also competent in that module
  • View assigned Asset Checks for completion

Users that register a new account are set to ‘Patroller’ access level. They must be upgraded on the web by a Manager to have more rights.


Same as Patroller, plus

  • View and manage case on the Map
  • Assign cases to other users
  • Create and manage reports
  • View the heatmap
  • View all Asset Checks
  • Bulk complete Asset Checks


Same as Dispatcher, plus

  • View, create, delete and manage users
  • Change user roles
  • Re-open closed Cases
  • Delete devices
  • Remote wipe device

Special Access Rights

Access rights provide further privileges on a module basis that are tailored to the user role in your organisation.

For example if you have a team members who helps out in Training your crew, but does not need Dispatcher/Manager rights you can grant them access to the Training module.

Asset Management

Can help manage Assets, Lifts and Trails, create and update Asset Checks.

Controlled Substances

Allows the user to. assist with management of controlled Substances. Bringing in new stock, assigning ites to your team from store, and marking items as used or disposed.

Library Management

Creation and update of Incident Library forms that you can attach to any incident.

Configure Training Passport

Manage your training passport Modules and criteria, assign assessors and help keep your team compliant with training needs.

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