Shift Management

Work and health history

Tracking shifts and keeping you healthy

Easy Sign on & Health Declarations

Tracking what shifts your team does and where they were can be tricky. The Shifts application allows your team to sign on and sign off using their own device (for contact limiting of shared devices) or a device you place on the wall or at your place of work.

Simply the user logs in, answers a few questions and is signed on. Critically this includes a health declaration to prompt thought about exposing themselves and your team members to any health hotspots or symptoms.

At the close of the shift the user makes one click to sign out.

Make reports on any user, sign out those that forgot (or automatically make the system do it), find those that didn’t answer 100% to all the health declaration questions or simply look at who is currently signed on. The reporting system provides visibility and accountability across your team.

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Track crew work and health

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  • Easy to use sign on and sign off
  • Accountability provided with logins
  • Access from anywhere before sign on
  • No wasted trips to work when you should not be at work
  • Use own device to sign on
  • Provide a secure, shared device for sign on
  • Sign off users automatically at the end of day
  • Report user time on shift
  • Report on days in a season for a single user, or the team
  • Find any health declaration abnormalities

Easy to budget, simple pricing from $2.00/user

*Includes set up, support and continuous updates

  • Our patrollers were quick to embrace the technology and we found that our error rate was reduced significantly in the first season due to the systems guidance for required fields and built in data checks.

    Cindy Hoalcraft
    Patrol Director, Toggenburg NY
  • I love patrolling and we adopted Medic52 this year, I love it. I’m glad to be done with the paperwork.

    Joe Julian
    Ski Patroller, Toggenburg NY

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Happy & Safe First Responders

Keeping track of who was on shift at anyone time is now critically important in the effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Shift management system prompts every staff member or volunteer about what is required of them, and their responsibilities to themselves and their team members to help prevent spread and contamination.

First Responders are a critical part of the company, and without them you can put staff and guests at risk of not getting medical attention when required. Keeping this team safe and well in your organisation is your responsibility!

Start today using the Shift management system – available as part of the system package at no extra cost.