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Can we use a shared login for dispatch?

To save user’s time can we have one login, shared between multiple people?

You could do this, and we understand why. However you would be loosing key audit capabilities that Medic52 provides.

Because every user logs in as one user you won’t know who actually made the change to an incident (as the audit log knows time, date and user).

So for example any note or status change will be recorded as ‘Dispatcher’ (or the generic username you choose) and this could lead to issues down the road.

You could get around this by asking people to initial anything they enter in a note for example, but they will forget, type it wrong or not do it. That’s human nature.

Note also that the web application will log you out after 20 minutes of inactivity, so everyone will need to remember the user/pwd for that one account and their own account details. Most likely it will end up on a sticky note on the screen, and then anyone has access to your data when the patrol room is unattended and that is not good for your patients data.

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