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How to create / update a PDF printout template

The output of your incident from Medic52 is ultimately very flexible. We recommend as part of your change management strategy that your paper print out matches (as close as possible) your current paper based form. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. If it’s the same, then we are changing less, and we know change can be challenging
  2. Everyone that uses this data will be familiar with the format of the form.

Note that some items will change, because Medic52 collects other information that can be displayed, and a paper form that makes sense to humans is great, but output from a system isn’t exactly the same.

We have out of the box solutions for members of:

  • Canada West Ski Areas Association
  • National Ski Areas Association

If you are a member and use the form provided by these organisations please let us know and we wll be happy to provide it for you.

Some knowledge of HTML is required. Please contact us for detailed instructions.

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