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World class dispatching built specifically for ski patrols

Control & Insight

The web based Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Command and Control system is the heart of Medic52 where every incident starts.

Dispatch is designed to give your dispatcher complete control over every incident in the resort, to boost their situational awareness of where the first responders are available, and the resources at their disposal to respond as required.

The dispatch map is built to be streamlined and quick to use during high pressure and fast moving situations, utilising mouse and keyboard shortcuts allows a dispatcher to manage many ongoing requests for assistance.

Utilising the integration to what3words, a dispatcher can cut down the time to first contact of a ‘lost’ guest much faster than asking multiple questions. A simple SMS and three words show the exact location for the first responder. Latitude and longitude are also available for those more back country situations when cell data is not available.

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Save critical minutes finding your guests

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Cut down time to critical care

You get a call that it’s taking longer to find a guest than normal and more assistance is required. You have a dispatcher on the phone to the guest asking about landmarks, what lift they were on last, what else can they see? The team are looking at maps and pouring over satellite imagery trying to piece together the clues.

It’s cold outside, they are wet, and injured. Utterly helpless you send out a search party. After a few missed passes a team finally find the guest and the situation is under control. 30 minutes have passed, hypothermia is setting in, and it’s been a stressful time.

Make this easier by using what3words integrated directly into Medic52 dispatch. Used by national and state emergency services around the world what3words cuts down the time to get help to a guest.

Through a simple SMS you can send a link to the guest, they open it and read back the three words that define the 10′ x 10′ square they are in on the planet. Medic52 dispatch converts that into a pin on the map and you dispatch your first responder to the precise location.

No more stress working out location, missing the person during searches.


  • Management of every incident
  • Collecting accurate timelines as incidents develop
  • Accurate and complete case information
  • Multiple dispatch teams can operate simultaneously
  • Collect key information for every case
  • Close out cases quickly that are negative, or resolved
  • Get the location right every time with what3words or GPS coordinates
  • Utilise keyboard shortcuts and mouse interaction to move fast
  • Customizable map with all your features on (lifts, trails, buildings, terrain parks etc)
  • Use GPS or what3words to identify exact customer location
  • Keyboard shortcuts to move quickly

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  • Our patrollers were quick to embrace the technology and we found that our error rate was reduced significantly in the first season due to the systems guidance for required fields and built in data checks.

    Cindy Hoalcraft
    Patrol Director, Toggenburg NY
  • We chose to implement Medic52 due to its ability to be a fully hosted application with future mobility design concepts in mind. It has been a fantastic solution for us and we look forward to using this application well into the future.

    Michael Fanning
    IT Manager, Perisher, a Vail Resorts Company

Happy & Safe Customers

Keep your customers and staff moving, and your risk management tight with Medic52 Dispatch.

Your dispatch is the central point of operations keeping your first responders moving, taking emergency phone calls, and managing the coordination of external resources.

As a call comes in, your dispatcher can triages the request, utilising GPS or what3words functions to quickly get the exact location of the caller, and get the location on the map. Finding people in the backcountry, on nordic trails, in the glades or hiking quickly becomes as easy as finding someone in front of your patrol building.

Simultaneously this creates the basic report that will be added to as the incident progresses. Timestamped notes are added with the coordination of external resources or other relevant events. As they dispatch a patroller, the case is assigned changing from red to green, signifying it is being dealt with.

Once the incident is with a first responder, the color turns to green to show the dispatcher it is no longer their immediate priority. From there the first responder can pick up the incident and complete the remaining data and add more information as required.

Meetings with your insurance adjuster and legal team are made easier with a full time stamped timeline of communications and status changes.

Dispatch can stand alone on an installation using only computers in key locations, seamlessly integrated with the other tools in Medic52.