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How to ‘on board’ your users

When you are ready to do so, you will need to add a number of users to the system. Here are a couple of choices on how to make this happen.

1) Provide your team with the Resort Key

The Resort Key allows a user to connect themselves with the resort, and become a full member of the team. They download the app from the store, click Register and enter the key.

On the next screen they provide email address and name, select a password and they are all set up.

They can then also use these same credentials on the web system.

2) Add a user manually

To add a user manually see this article on adding users.

Once done you can either:

  1. Send the users an email and point them to the Forgotten Password feature, so they can set their own password in their own time
  2. Click on the Send Forgotten Password Email in the user screen to send them an email with instructions. Note that the link in this email will expire in 4 hours.

To do more than a few at a time can be a lot of work so you can send us a list of names and email addresses, and we will register them for you. The users will still need to set their own password after this.


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