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For the security and ease of management of files, photos and audio files for Witness statements should be taken within the Cases app, not from the device camera or another app.

Here are the differences:

Photo & Audio collected via Cases:

  • Media file is not saved to the user device in a place where it can be used in another app (e.g. posted to social media)
  • Media file is deleted automatically when case is removed from device
  • Media file is encrypted on device and not accessible to other apps
  • No housekeeping required
  • No risk of photo being saved to user cloud or abused

Photo or Audio collected via a different App (Camera, Notes etc)

  • Media file saved to users camera roll / media library
  • Media file accessible by user outside of Medic52
  • Media not linked to case
  • Media not sent to Medic52 server
  • Media is not encrypted
  • Media must manually be deleted by user


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