We’re passionate about risk management and technology innovation.

Medic52 started life life in 2013 helping ski resorts use their ski patrols more effectively. By using efficient data platforms accessible on any device, first responders can always have the information they need. They can collect complete and correction information, starting from the scene of an incident.

Better information results in faster high-quality first response and data-rich hand-offs to secondary care. The result is better patient outcomes with supporting detailed information that has been gathered with ease.

As we have matured over time we now help organisations around the world through the year in summer and winter. Our customer activites include ice skating, tubing mountain biking, hiking, golf courses and water parks.

Whilst the platform started as a first responder risk focussed platform many of our tools are now used by team members in other departments.

The platform has expanded with input from our customers now including tools to manage daily activities, not just in risk management teams.

  • Shift management
  • Training and competencies tracking
  • Asset management providing the standard operation manual for everything from  first aid gear through to security patrols
  • Work requests and job management for interdepartmental collaboration
  • Controlled substances for medical drugs and explosives

If you have suggestions on our apps and ideas on how we can use these new technologies to make a difference in our industry, please share with us via social media, email or smoke signals (perhaps not). We’ll be glad to listen.

Why did we create Medic52?