Incident Data Management

Convenient collection and management of incident data

World class incident management for risk management professionals

Accurate Incident Data

The Incidents app makes data entry a breeze for patrollers with configurable form fields, pick lists and on the fly data validation.

Cases is designed to provide a portable way to collect quality incident data on scene, in the medical centre or on the chairlift using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Your team no longer has to double handle information from paper to a database. Data quality is guaranteed with data validation and no bad handwriting. Photos of the incident and timely witness statements make insurance and legal cases easier to deal with.

Your data is kept secure from the device, in the air and at rest with bank level encryption, and a full audit trail of all changes and updates to each piece of information.


  • Complete incident forms every time
  • Photo evidence collected on scene
  • Instantly available for reporting
  • Better legal/insurance coverage with on scene photos
  • The end of chicken scrawl incident forms
  • Data validation at input
  • Required fields always collected
  • Data collected on scene improves legal coverage
  • Photos of patient on scene are more useful than a chalk man
  • Instantly useful data for reporting
  • Reduce double handling paper to digital
  • Easy adoption by using your existing form config
  • Bank level encryption of patient data from device to server storage
  • Remote wipe of device in case of loss or theft (iOS & Android apps)

Easy to budget, simple pricing from $2.00/user

*Includes set up, support and continuous updates

  • FREE

    cases-galaxy-500-500-patientFree Feature List

    • Photo evidence collected on scene
    • Tablet and Smartphone compatible
    • Default incident form configuration
    • Collect & record unlimited incidents
    • Print to default incident form
    • Record patient details & history
    • Incident cause, prevailing conditions at scene and of equipment
    • Patient & Patroller signatures
    • Record outcome and patient destination
    • Automatic logging of date/time and GPS locations
    • Sensitive patient information uses bank level encryption from device to Medic52
    • Trend analysis of patient vitals (GCS, Pulse, Breathing, Pain, Blood Pressure, pupils)
    • Record multiple injuries, and treatment
    • Track medication dosage and administration time
    • Patient or Guardian & Patroller signatures captured on screen
    • Record verbal witness statements (or use normal typed version)
    • Take multiple photos of the patient on scene
    • Multi unit input and automatic conversion
    • NSAA / CWSAA standard SAR forms available
    • Translations available for Italian, French, English
    • Patient information safe with bank level encryption on Medic52 servers
    • Manage incidents online with Dispatch


    Free Download

  • PRO

    cases-galaxy-500-500-locationUpgrade for these great features

    • Assign roles of other attending patrollers on scene
    • Customized fields and values to your requirements
    • Custom map overlay of your resort for better detail
    • Direct integration into Medic52 Dispatch
    • Assign/move cases between patrollers & devices
    • Print to your existing SAR/incident form
    • Add custom notes, workflow and flagging
    • Remote wipe of devices in case of theft or loss
    • iPad version for shared device in a patrol room / medical centre
    • Quick log on / log off on share iPad device

60% of Ski Patrollers use their smartphone for work purposes today

*World Ski Patroller Survey 2015

  • Our patrollers were quick to embrace the technology and we found that our error rate was reduced significantly in the first season due to the systems guidance for required fields and built in data checks.

    Cindy Hoalcraft
    Patrol Director, Toggenburg NY
  • I love patrolling and we adopted Medic52 this year, I love it. I’m glad to be done with the paperwork.

    Joe Julian
    Ski Patroller, Toggenburg NY

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Improve your injured guest care and risk management capability with Medic52 Cases.

Your patroller comes across an injured guest during a routine run check. The patroller opens a new case on the Medic52 Cases app and it automatically records the time, date, and GPS location. Everyone in the system now knows this patroller is on scene.

Another patroller has been called to a location, and as she makes her way towards the scene. As she does so dispatch is collecting more information about the situation and adding it to the case. Once on scene both the patroller and dispatcher have the same information, and as she adds data, it is sent up to Medic52 Dispatch and becomes available for review. The dispatcher and patroller are empowered with more information with reduced radio traffic.

The patroller takes some photos of the patient and the surrounding area, records a witness statement, and readies for extraction. During the ride down the tram to the base, the case is completed on the Cases app with the patient signing on screen. The drop-off to medical staff is quick and the patroller and equipment are back on-hill in a matter of minutes.

Meanwhile the dispatch are able to maintain a watchful eye over resources on hill ensuring efficient management of new incidents without having to worry about the paperwork being completed correctly.

As the incident unfolds it becomes clear more investigation is required, and staff statements must be completed. Key personnel are automatically notified of work-flows as data becomes available.