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Introduction to the Training Module

In this video we’ll learn about how the Training and Certification module works.

hi I’m Duncan at Medic52 and today we’re going to talk about training and how you track that training and your competencies across your team.

Medic52 is putting together a training module at the moment and that training module allows you to track your competencies across all the members of your team and has a few advantages to just using a piece of paper. The way it works is all of your bits of training and assessment are divided up into units and you might have say 10 or 12 units of competency across your organization, and then within each of those units you’ll have modules and then assessment tasks. Those assessment tasks will be the exact pieces of work that you’re going to assess each person.

Now once you’ve configured those things, your module will have an expiry date and that expiry date will be say one year from the date of that assessment. At which point it will become something that needs to be renewed and then after renewal the second assessment can occur and so on and so forth. That will then keep cycling around there’s a nice big dashboard which allows you to see across your patrol where your competencies are at, who’s lagging behind and and who’s getting out in front.

You can also set up your Assessors so you could say for example any assessment that involves a snowmobile or a piece of machinery, maybe your sled sled running skills, those assessments will only be particular people on your patrol that you are aware have those skills. Your other skills like mountain knowledge for example, first-aid equipment and so forth those could be assessed by anybody that’s already completed that assessment and actually help spread that load of making sure you’re getting everybody across the line and getting them competent.

You can also set up those units of competency so each will be more specific information about the tasks that are involved. For example if we look at a mountain knowledge assessment that actually might include information about specific features in those areas and what can include specific information about where signage goes and so forth too.

Obviously having that stuff in this in the system making it available to all of your users means that they will be able to look at that, review it and have it always readily available for them to be able to pick up whenever they require it.

Every user within the system has the ablity to see exactly how they’re doing through your training modules and they’ll be able to look up the criteria of every assessment as well. That’s really important of course so that they know where they’re at and what they have to do and learn in order to be able to get a competent on that particular unit.

Now of course once the user has done all the training then they can go off they can find an Assessor for that particular module. The Assessor can bring up their sheet, can see what previous Assessors have said if they’ve already attempted those particular tasks. Comments will be in there and available for the Assessor to review and then of course that gives them the ability to pinpoint and say well in your last assessment you were asked to go and review this particular piece of information. Please tell me about that again and then they can change them from a ‘not yet competent’ state over to a ‘competent State’ – give them a big green tick!

They don’t have to assess everything in one go they can assess just a number of tasks within the assessment as  time might not be on their side but they might also only need to be able to do a couple on a particular day. This means that you might have multiple Assessors take that candidate through their entire assessment.

So I hope that’s useful and given you a bit of a preview about what we have in Medic52 with our new training passport module big thanks to Perisher Ski Patrol you who have helped us put this together and given a some of the lead on how they actually deal with those particular scenarios and help make sure that that information is out there and I look forward to hearing your feedback once you’ve had a look at it.

If it’s not something that you’re using yet please feel free to reach out to us hello@medic52.com and we can help you get started.


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