Lift & Trail Status

Keeping your customers and team updated about your status

Lift & Trail Status for Outdoor Activities, Ski Resort, Bike Park & Leisure centres

Is the technology to automate your website status information automatically too expensive?

Do you spend lot’s of time updating a website on second or third hand information?

Are you trying to keep your customer’s and staff appraised of lift status at a moment’s notice?

Medic52’s data feed, and WordPress plugin takes lift & trail status information updated in real time by your dispatcher or mountain operations team, and display’s it on your website. Your guest will thank you for the up to date information, and you can focus on creating more marketing.


  • Centralised data updates for dispatch / mountain ops
  • Group assets into geographical or logical areas
  • Capable of managing 1,000+ trails and lifts
  • Open and closing times logged for future reporting
  • All stop & starts can be logged with reasons in real time (if required)
  • Simple 2 button interface to update status
  • Send data to your website with our easy to install plugin via the WordPress repository
  • Includes lift capacity information, and trail difficulty
  • Customisable icons for everything
  • Make your own design / layout on your website
  • Mobile device friendly
  • Data feed available in JSON or XML for custom implementations

Easy to budget, simple pricing from $2.00/user

*Includes set up, support and continuous updates

Feature Breakdown

  • Controlled access to the module in the dashboard
  • Unlimited Areas, Lifts & Trails
  • Set lift capacity and sizing
  • Set standard opening and closing times
  • Open and Close lifts with one button click
  • Record lift stops, and notes if required, on each stop
  • Mark trails as Groomed, or with Snowmaking
  • Suitable for tracking status of cross country/XC/Nordic, downhill, walking & mountain bike trails
  • Communicate tubing, terrain park, waterslide and ropes course status
  • Display lift opening and closing times
  • Display trail status, grooming and snowmaking
  • Output of data uses industry standard format MTN.XML
  • Data feed is mobile app friendly in XML or JSON format
  • Easy to install in your own app or website
  • Use our own WordPress plugin to get up and running quickly, 2 minute install
  • Change your trail marker icons and colors and customise to match your signage
  • Pre-prepared design makes it easy to navigate

WordPress Plugin

The WordPress plugin consumes a MTN.XML feed from the Medic52 system and displays the status of your lifts & trails to your customers – keeping them informed and up to date, and reducing the need to manually update your website.

Download and install the WordPress plugin

Clear, correct communication results in customer satisfaction

Take a look

  • Our patrollers were quick to embrace the technology and we found that our error rate was reduced significantly in the first season due to the systems guidance for required fields and built in data checks.

    Cindy Hoalcraft
    Patrol Director, Toggenburg NY
  • I love patrolling and we adopted Medic52 this year, I love it. I’m glad to be done with the paperwork.

    Joe Julian
    Ski Patroller, Toggenburg NY

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Effective internal communications result in customer satisfaction

Communicating clearly and quickly improves your ability to react to customer questions.

In a car the internal components need to communicate quickly and clearly in order to work together, to produce an efficient result. Internal communications in a company bridges the gap between a company’s many different collaborators, helping to foster teamwork and increase engagement among all of the company’s stakeholders

Aiming for customer satisfaction is what connects the various different departments of any company, and is both a key objective as well as a way of bringing team members together. Lateral communication of information within the company empowers your team members by having the right information quickly and easily to answer customer queries, and feel connected to the common objective.

Reducing the barriers to communication is key, Medic52’s lift and trail status application simplifies the process of collecting and disseminating information about your activity to your team and your guests.