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Security of your mobile device

As medical providers we handle a lot of personal and sensitive data through the patient cycle of care. It is important that this information is not copied or shared without the patient’s permission, and that it is kept safe. I am sure you wouldn’t enjoy having your personal information leaked to the world by someone else so here are some tips to help prevent it.

First, add a pass code to your device – and don’t use 0000 or 1234. You should make it a number only you can remember. Don’t worry you will get used to the extra second required to open your phone.

Second, Most smartphones now have a find my phone feature that is set up through your telco provider or the hardware vendor like Apple or Samsung. Investigate how to use it and turn it on, so if you loose your device you have a chance of finding it again.

Third, don’t try to take any of the information from the app and send it out on social media, this is breaking the law, and you could loose your job, or worse if you do this.

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