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Is patient data secure?

All sensitive patient data in Medic52 is encrypted at every possible opportunity. In short, we take every precaution to protect the information you collect, however if you need to know more, please read on.

Data on a smartphone or portable device using the installed Medic52 app on Android & iOS is encrypted, and is therefore not available to other applications on the device. We also have the ability to remotely delete data from the application should a mobile device be lost or stolen.

All communications with our servers are completed over a Trustwave Tier 1 256-bit TLS 1.2 connection, industry certified secure connection (previously known as SSL).

The web based system is secured with the same encryption between your web browser and our servers. You can only login to either system (web or mobile) using your own email address and password.

Our servers are hosted with Amazon Web Services, and are checked regularly to ensure they are secure. We limit access to the servers using multiple levels of security. Techniques such as IP access based restriction on firewalls and operating system restrictions for access using SSH keys as well as usernames & passwords.

Photos and witness statements are not available from outside the application.

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