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Flaik – Safety & Peace of Mind for Ski School
October 30, 2015

Watch our webinar with Flaik where we talk about positive impact of safety, and how ski schools have a pivotal role in the ski industry future.

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3 Ski Patrol Avalanche Dog Videos
October 12, 2015

Here are three great videos of Avalanche dogs in all their cuteness, and awesomeness, with their handlers to get your warmed up for the snow.

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Ski patrol in China & Beijing 2022
August 26, 2015

In this webinar we talk to Gary Grant, ski resort consultant and patroller about ski patrol and safety in China, and the run to Beijing 2022.

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Should Traction Splints be moved to a museum?
July 16, 2015

Are Traction splints going the way of MAST pants? Why are they so prevalent despite lack of empirical evidence?

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Ski Patrol Dispatch Introduction
July 12, 2015

[VIDEO] watch how our dispatch system can work with your current procedures to fit in with ski patrol operations.

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Winners of the 2015 World Ski Patroller Survey prize draw
April 19, 2015

Are you a winner for the prize draw in the 2015 World Ski Patroller Survey?

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Inaugural World Ski Patroller Survey
March 4, 2015

Medic52 takes the pulse of ski patrollers around the world with the first Ski Patroller World Survey.

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Medic52 for Android is here for Ski Patrollers
February 13, 2015

Now the Androids can be as happy as the Apples. Medic52 has released the Android ski patroller app.

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Helping Volunteers who give their time to help others
January 12, 2015

100% Volunteer ski patrol? Read this to find out how Medic52 could be helping you make a safer resort.

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Using smartphones in a cold harsh environment
January 10, 2015

Being out for 10 hours in the day on mountain in the cold isn’t what smartphones were designed for.

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