Here’s today’s release for on the web


  • Conditional logic for validation with radio button
  • Basic validation for incident forms
  • Required fields display on the tab for the Library Incident form
  • Interval picker to asset due today
  • Ability to save Timeline report configuration and restore
  • Added checked comment to check assets
  • Support for more than one map in incident forms
  • Placeholder lowercase in date component
  • Added favicons so when you Add to a mobile device home screen you get a nice icon


  • Performance improvement to load resort information per user faster
  • Loading and resources for resort data, and the current resort you are logged in to
  • Training Passport > My Progress load times


  • Various date formats in asset list configuration & asset history
  • Training passport permission fix
  • Training Passport Dashboard showing different info to the User detail page
  • Persist configuration of custom pie chart
  • Library Incident form > Default Values now displaying
  • Duplicate Assets checks being generated
  • Layout and formatting on incident forms, added min 0 for weight and height, fixed date/timepicker layout in
  • Repeaters to give it enough space
  • Incident Forms DatePicker JS error
  • Weight formatting
  • Distance render in incident
  • Formatting of append on decimal and text, removed append from email field
  • Incident Form not Active when set during Creation
  • Incident Form Map component should default lat/long to the Resort location
  • When user goes to Resolve the failed check, it is missing the section showing the original user entry
  • User Typeahead gone on Asset Checks
  • Incident Forms > tab doesn’t highlight
  • Increment to global incident clean function
  • Min and max to global incident clean function
  • Only load patient data when there are incidents
  • Decimal format for weight and height