Here’s today’s release for on the web

This is our first general release since launching a complete rebuild of the web based application. We have moved from Django/Python across to Laravel/PHP so much of this release is updating styling and fixing components as we put the finer touches on the new build.

ADD styling in asset checks, added Now and today buttons to date time picker
ADD view incident in status incident report
ADD Display all the possible assessors on the Training Passport > My Progress > Module detail view
FIX Fixed asset check delete & confirmation in UI
ADD ShowIf support for signature field, map, image, message & incident forms
FIX bug in new map resulting in missing longitude
FIX distance, temperature, text and textarea component in form incidents
FIX arrows, decimal and email component
FIX preview in Incident Forms create from template
FIX Menu CSS issues displaying Reports > My Reports > Saved Reports in menu
FIX Reports > Case Status – Summary numbers not updating when Date range changed
IMPROVED Incident Forms > Limit Conditional fields to only types: radio, radio_button, select
ADD Text area support for incident form
IMPROVED Layout tweaks for the create charts screen
IMPROVED buttons and converted date picker on reports
IMPROVE patroller report performance
Fixed bug in table preview, add / remove of elements in incident forms
IMPROVE Display of elements in Incidents forms
FIX Repeaters (Drugs in particular) – if you start filling it in and its a mistake, you cannot clear it out
IMPROVE Reports > Heat map performance
FIX Reports > Heat map date picker and overlay
FIX map in admin > locations
IMPROVE Updated styling in Training PAssport
IMPROVE map and initial position on edit. Added map overlay.
FIX up layout of locations and the drag/drop selector
IMPROVE Modifying locations to layout location form better with linking assets
ADD GeoJSON overlay in incident detail map
IMPROVE the way we deal with compiled JS and CSS, removing source maps
IMPROVE Spinners and loading feedback in UI
IMPROVE lifts and trails layouts admin and assets – status
IMPROVE Format and config of Admin Training module
FIX Table Incidents List needs pagination
IMPROVE headers and layout on Incident forms and resort settings
IMPROVE all tables and headers / buttons in administration area
IMPROVE markup for prepend and append form elements
IMPROVE layout in the administration area
IMPROVE Aligning header and save buttons on report and admin user resorts
IMPROVE user settings and global header, logo on the side bar, cleaned up Map Styling
FIX Incident Edit rendering of injury repeater
FIX chart creator, layout and generator for reports
FIX CSV export for reporting
IMPROVE Defining Report fields based on incident config
IMPROVE Made the login page CSS and layout
IMPROVE Incident Edit Making check boxes be multi column
IMPROVE Incident list in new table format.
IMPROVE Styling asset type, trail type, lifts, resort, administration, area, locations
FIX Fixed error in display of existing injuries
FIX weekday scale in reports
IMPROVE Added loading animation incident details & styling work
IMPROVE Styling incident list view
UPGRADE to Laravel 7. AdminLTE 3. Node 12 support. Bootstrap 4. PHP 7.4
ADD Incident form fields now in print PDF of parent incident
IMPROVE Converted image, signature, map, range, radio, radio button, select, height, weight, number, email, date, date time, message, temp, text, distance, decimal, arrow component
ADD Typeahead search for Resort / User
ADD Implementing permissions for Library Management
ADD Support for loading same incident form twice in one incident. Converted arrows and text components.
FIX Activate correct tab for attached incident forms and show correct prev and next button
FIX incident archive visibility and bug that deleted all fields when visibility was changed
IMPROVE Minor layout changes to assets and checks
IMPROVE Update incident form instead of deleting and creating a new one.
IMPROVE Ignore expiry date check for resorts without expiry date
IMPROVE Rounding in PDF document, and performance update for printing to PDF
IMPROVE Incident Forms now generating automatic keys for multi-select and all fields
IMPROVE Require select resort with network key. Hide and show only fields that are required for selected options.
IMPROVE Fixed Witness layout