Here’s today’s release for on the web


  • Added HTML5 range values to decimal
  • Added full width for selects on incidents
  • User type ahead for patroller
  • Type ahead for manager and administrator in resolve and asset checks
  • Moved user name to the sidebar
  • Reduced code in registration and put geo back in
  • Updated layout for Trainers in the Training Passport
  • Only load patient data for map resource if included in dispatch fields


  • Range field support
  • Case status report wrong incident numbers in export
  • Status Report Table
  • Perisher – patroller history -> experience -> Perisher days can’t enter numbers need E first!
  • Added Injuries copy button back
  • Adding new incident on map when popup already open – copies across data from the existing to the new incident
  • Reports > Case Status – location and injury missing
  • Missing user in implicit assessors when viewing a Training Passport Unit