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What are Controlled Substances?

Medic52 has the capabilities to help you manage your compliance of controlled substances that are in use at your location.

Generally these are drugs, explosives, chemicals or otherwise dangerous substances.

What substances can we track?

For example you may have doctors or paramedics on staff that are able to administer a drug under The Controlled Substances Act  of various countries such as morphine and fentanyl, or even explosives such as Pentex, TNT, or Fuse Caps that need to be accounted for with Avalanche routes.

How does Medic52 help?

The controlled substances system knows in what Location they are, when they were taken out of stock and by whom, and what use the item had, or disposal  if it went out of date.

In the case of drugs, these are recorded in your incident report with the dose provided, and administered by.

All actions are recorded, date stamped, and audited for future reference.

Next Steps

First you will need to create your Areas and Locations then create a Controlled Substance.

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