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Controlled Substances Audit log

As your Controlled Substances are added in to stock, moved, allocated to your team, used, or disposed of – the audit log keeps your legal requirements in check.

Every action is recorded, including the item it affects, who actioned it, and what happened.


  • You must have the Controlled Substances permission

Viewing the Audit Log

In the menu on the left click Configuration > Controlled Substances

In the top right click the Yellow ‘Audit’ button.

Here you can filter by a date range to see when items were affected. The columns are as follows:

  • Date – the date and time of the action
  • Action – a human readable version of the event
  • By – the user logged in to Medic52 that took the action

Examples of Actions

  • Item [Number] : [Volume] of [Item name] was used by [User name] on incident [Incident number]
  • Item [Number] : [Volume] of [Item name] was checked out from [Location] to [User name]
  • Qty [Quantity] x [Volume] of [Item name] was added to stock at [Location]
  • Item [Number] : [Volume] of [Item name] was disposed from [Location]
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