How to Add Users

Users can be added to your resort in two different ways.

1) A user can register themselves via the smartphone apps using the Resort code provided to you.

2) Managers can add new users to the system via the web interface, here are the steps to do this.

Login to the web app

Click on Users in the top menu.

Then, on the list users page, click the ‘Add User’ button

List users screen


Finally, fill out the form for the user, with their details. You can also select the user’s role they will have in the system. Note that every user must have their own, unique, email address.

Add new user screen

Click Save to add the user.

From here, the user can either use the forgotten password feature to email themselves a password, or you can return to edit the user and click the  ‘Send Password Reset Email’ button to do it for them.

Send password email

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