My Progress

The “My Progress” screen is available to all users and allows you to view your Training progress. From here you can:

  • Review all the Units and their Modules
  • See the Assessment Tasks to complete each Module
  • Find an Assessor for a Module you need to complete
  • See Assessor notes & comments for your previous assessments
  • View the date at which you must be Reviewed

Review My Progress

From your Training Passport menu select “My Progress”.

Click on Training > My Progress.

  • Heading contains
    • Your name
    • Status: Overall Status
    • Passport Completion: Percentage of all Assessments
  • Table contains
    • Unit
    • Module
    • Task percentage complete
    •  Status
      • C = Certified
      • NYC (red, expired) = Not Yet Certified
      • NYC (grey, ready to assessed) = Not Yet Certified
      • R (orange) = Certified, now Due for Renewal
    • Next review date


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