Training Passport Questions

When do assessments get evaluated?

The system runs updates on the days events at 3am every night, your local time. This means that the status of a module may not show a change immediately after assessment.

How does the ‘Allow any one who has passed the Assessment to be an assessor‘ work on a module?

Some Modules are non critical to operations, and also widely required. Let’s take Mountain Knowledge as an example. Your team are more effective if they learn from multiple people, and it’s better to have existing knowledge passed on. Thus if you check this box, you can spread the assessment load allowing more people to lean in to the training.

For safety related Modules, such as machinery, or things with legal requirements – you can’t have just anyone Assess others. In this scenario you have the check box off, and restrict to only the Assessors with the qualifications or experience to correctly deem a team member competent.

When do assessments become available?

The system watches for new Training Tasks, Modules and Assessments during the day and then evaluates all the changes each night at 3am. If you have created a new Module you will not see it in Assessments until tomorrow.

I created a new Module but it cannot be assessed yet.

When you create a new module, two things will need to happen.

  1. The Module will start to appear in assessments the next day
  2. You must name at least one Assessor for the module to start assessments. If you do not define at least one assessor then no-one in the team can get assessed as competent, thus no-one else can be assessed.

I cannot see any assessments

When you open the Passport > Assessments page it will show you the modules you are eligible to assess. You will either be

  1. A named assessor in the Module
  2. The module will be configured to allow you to asses on it once you are deemed Competent by another Assessor.
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