Jobs vs Asset Checks

These two features in Medic52 may seem similar at first glance, but they have different use cases.

Jobs and Work Missions are more often than not, one off tasks, in your own department or something you need to get done by someone else.

Asset Checks are for re-occurring tasks that need to happen again and again, on a schedule.

If you have something that happens daily, or on a schedule then you would be better to choose an asset check.

When to choose an Asset Check vs a Job?

For example if you want to record the closing sweeps on hill, or the security rounds before closing up buildings then Asset Checks would be more suitable.

If you find a boulder in the middle of a trail and need it fencing in the short term, and moving in the longer term, this would be two jobs. One for the fencing part, and another for Maintenance or Grooming to get a machine to come and move the boulder.

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