Jobs & Work Missions

What are Jobs and Work missions?

In short, this is a company wide Task list.

In any company different departments have different responsibilities, and what they are good at. In any outdoor leisure organisation team communication is important to ensure nothing gets missed and safety is maintained.


Here’s a couple of examples where the Jobs system is used.

Grooming requests

A ski patroller spots that a lift unload area is getting off camber and needs to have some work done to it by the Groomers that night to make it safe again. The patroller will make a Job request in the system, describe what needs to be done and assign it to the Grooming department.

When the Grooming team start shift they have a list of their normal tasks, and can add these requests to their workload.

Maintenance requests

A member of the hospitality team has been putting out a sign warning guests of a trip hazard. She also creates a maintenance request to have the hazard fixed, assigning it to the Maintenance department.

Motor pool

Vehicles of all types are used to get people gear and equipment around your resort area. Whilst driving a quad bike you notice that the seat is not properly secured, and needs attention. You log a Work request to have this vehicle checked by the motor pool.

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