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Asset Check Scheduling Questions

When do checks get rescheduled?

Your checks will be rescheduled at 3am each day in your Resort’s local time.

Checks that appear in Due Today will come from Operational. This means that only those checks that passed everything will be rotated around.

Checks in Operational Warning & Not Operational are not being rescheduled

In the last round of assessment these checks have been flagged as having an issue of some sort. The issue must be rectified, and the check marked as Operational for it to be re-scheduled and then appear in Due Today.

My checks are not showing up

If you have created your checks today, you won’t see them until a cycle of time has elapsed. At a minimum this will be one day for every check.

When will the checks first appear?

If you create your checks and you want them to all be there tomorrow, please set the start date on your check back to a week ago, or more.

e.g. for a daily check set the start date to yesterday.

For a weekly check set the start date to the day of the week you want it to fall on, and then go back a week or two.

This way your check will not have to wait a week from the start date to be scheduled.


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