Shared Sign On device configuration

The Shift Sign On system allows users to quickly and easily register their start of shift from within the Medic52 system. If you choose to do so you can set up a sign on / sign off device in a shared space.

Shared devices are not required

Users can log in with their username and password on any device, and the button is at the top of the screen. This also makes the system available from anywhere and so they can walk through those questions and review everything prior to leaving home just to make sure that they’re not breaking any rules.

They don’t want to get all the way to work and then have to turn around and come home!

Hardware requirements

If you choose, you can use a shared device like an iPad, in fact, anything with a camera on it will work.

Disinfecting and distancing

Bear in mind  that we are trying to keep in with social distancing. So a shared device can have some impact on that as it will gather people into one location. Ensure it is wiped down between each use or at least sprayed with some antibacterial spray.

Configuring the device

Open the Sign On system on the device

In the menu on the right-hand side, go to Settings >> Resort Settings. This will display a bit of information about how the sign-on system works.

Open the URL that’s given on the page by typing that into the device.

Generate a barcode

Click ‘Generate Barcode’.

Note: for security purposes, the barcodes are only valid for 12 hours, and only work on one device. The reason for this is that it is a temporary login and it allows all of your users to access this portion of the system on a shared device. So we have to log it out if there’s no activity on it after a period of time.

Point your device camera at the screen to scan the barcode.

If the barcode is valid, the sign-on system will display a list of all your users.

Timeout and reset

If someone starts going through that process and does not complete it, the application will time out and it will go back to the initial starting screen.

Configure a second/multiple devices

If you’d like to install this on a number of devices each day, then you will need to generate a new barcode. Once a barcode has been scanned it will not scan again. Simply click ‘Refresh Barcode’ to generate a new one and then scan that with your second device.

No manager is present – how do we start it up?

If you are not present or unable to get to the device to initiate the barcode, you can take a screenshot or photo of it and send it by SMS to another person’s device. They will then open the photo and display the barcode to be scanned by the camera of your sign on device.

Note: You should not share your manager login details to the system with somebody else that should not have access to it.

Sign On

  • The user will click on their name
  • Go through the sign-on process answering the questions
  • Adding the information that is required of them such as Radio number and body temperature
  • Selecting the area they are assigned to for the day
  • Click ‘Sign On’

Sign Off

  • At the end of the day, they will come back here, click the ‘Sign Off’ button
  • Find themselves in the list
  • Click ‘Sign Off’
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