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Report form and app customisations

Did you know we can customise almost any part of the app for your patrollers.

The report form is a standard layout, but when you upgrade to the resort version we can customise this form to your liking so it matches your current workflow, paper trail and legal requirements.

If you can see that there is an option missing in a field on the app we can add it in for you.

For example if you have a separate form for investigations, then we can add those fields to the basic config. We can remove fields, move them around, change the options within them and more. This is all coupled with the output of the form to paper that can be built to suit your needs as well. If you have 3 different forms with similar information that go to different organisations (e.g. government, rentals, insurer) we can ensure we have all the inputs and out put these forms to a PDF for you in one go!

In the network version you can also choose the patrollers and their roles for each incident. This makes it easier to track who did what!

The application is also translatable, so if you have patrollers from another country you may want to allow them to use it in French or English, based on their preference.

If you would like to get the app in your language let us know, we have already started on Mandarin, Italian and French.

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