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Thank you very much for taking the time to checkout Medic52 Dispatch with what3words integration.

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So if you don’t watch it now, you can watch it a little bit later.

Secondly, there are quite a few tools within Medic52 that help you steer the complex daily routine of risk management in a ski resort. From compliance of your gear and assets (like lifts and trails), making sure all of your COVID protocols are set up each and every morning, going through the cleaning every day, sign on and health declarations, plus trail and lift management tools all centralised around Dispatch.

If you’d like to know or learn anything more about those, I’ll reach out to you again in a couple days, but feel free to book a no obligation demo below.

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Making your team more efficient is one thing, but tangibly cutting down stress, anxiety and time to get a first responder on scene is a great opportunity to change a guests day from a pretty bad one into a happy result.

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