Find your guest faster, reduce stress and panic.

Meet what3words – now integrated with Medic52 Dispatch

Risk Managers – does this sound familiar?

You get a call that it’s taking longer to find a guest than normal and more assistance is required. You have a dispatcher on the phone to the guest asking about landmarks, what lift they were on last, what else can they see? The team are looking at maps and pouring over satellite imagery trying to piece together the clues.

It’s cold outside, they are wet, and injured. Utterly helpless you send out a search party. After a few missed passes a team finally find the guest and the situation is under control. 30 minutes have passed, hypothermia is setting in, and it’s been a stressful time.

Make this easier by using what3words integrated directly into Medic52 dispatch. Used by national and state emergency services around the world what3words cuts down the time to get help to a guest.

Through a simple SMS you can send a link to the guest, they open it and read back the three words that define the 10′ x 10′ square they are in on the planet. Medic52 dispatch converts that into a pin on the map and you dispatch your first responder to the precise location.

No more stress working out location, missing the person during searches.

Happier customer’s every time.

Why is it so good?

Dispatchers spend plenty of time trying to get better patient location details so that the first responder can get there quickly, and avoid having to send extra resources if they are missed.

  • Simple SMS system
  • Simple words to read back to dispatcher
  • Converted seamlessly on to the map on screen
  • Spell check and auto suggest for common misspellings
  • No error with complex numbers, or using the wrong format

Where time is of the essence in a situation that can quickly become life threatening, this system reduces guest stress, improves speed to the patient and will save a life.

Want to know more?
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