Here’s today’s release for on the web.

We’d love to hear what you would like to see in Medic52, so please reach out with your suggestions!


  • Added ability to separate team members into Departments
  • Removed covid related fields from sign on system
  • Increased the sign on system timeout to 7 days
  • Upgraded underlying hardware
  • Upgraded SSL certificates to improve security
  • Altered hardware so we can build new code more easily
  • Altered hardware to auto scale better as capacity is required
  • Added ability to filter by Area in Configuration > Assets
  • Pre-select Area in Incident when only one Area exists
  • An issue when updating in Settings > Resort and no logo was present


  • Display version issue when adding a signature to an incident form
  • Added Bar chart back to reports
  • Fixed Age on Dashboard report
  • Moved Knowledge base to
  • Fixed an issue where Asset Checks were being scheduled late
  • Editing of Asset Check start date had no effect
  • View of Assessors in Training Passport when viewing a Module