Here’s today’s release for on the web.

We’d love to hear what you would like to see in Medic52, so please reach out with your suggestions!


  • Incident PDF attachments in the Documents section will now append to the printed report
  • Added ability to filter your users by status to make it easier to see who was Archived
  • Incident PDF now shows images as big as they can be on one page


  • Minor adjustments to data validation for invalid inputs
  • Temperatures used in the incident will be converted in the printed document
  • When you search a date range in the incident list it stays for the duration of your session
  • Added back and reset buttons to the Assessment complete screen so you don’t have to go around all the screens for the next assessment
  • Incident field validation now only shows invalid required fields
  • Incident search for patient name was case sensitive, and required the full complete name
  • Added temperature conversion in printed incident form


  • Case when you were unable to save check boxes
  • An error when generating report tables
  • iPad menu
  • iPad / touch screen use of Patroller selection
  • Shift Reporting days were out by one day
  • Assessor name was not displaying correctly on the assessment complete screen
  • Error with status changes not being output in the PDF when recorded on the dispatch map
  • Skin color select in GCS for some customers