Here’s today’s release for on the web


  • Sign On and COVID health declaration system for all users
  • Shared Device public sign on system
  • what3words integration on dispatch map
  • Create an incident using GPS coordinates
  • Asset checks can now be applied to Trails & Lifts


  • Date pickers now functioning with a consistent widget
  • Moved Trails & Lifts into the Assets area under Configuration
  • Firewall configurations improved for your safety
  • Asset check views and permissions
  • Asset checks always appear in one of the 4 status
  • Added some column management to various tables to ease use on mobile devices


  • Dispatch pop up notes not displaying name of note taker
  • Wait time during login sped up
  • Dispatch Map pin color not changing as status altered
  • Mobile menu not working so getting around was impossible!
  • No longer creating duplicate asset checks if one has not yet been completed