Medic52 has responded to client requests and is stoked to announce our new training passport module that tracks on-going training, internal and external competencies required for a crew member to be at work. The Training Passport has been developed with significant input by Australian clients, and is now available to our Northern Hemisphere clients as well.

Medic52 builds digital products that creates value to the ski business, and the addition of our Training Passport module adds the ability to track and maintain the essential records around your crew’s certification and assessments. In our risk sensitive world this information is now a significant factor in insurance & litigation claims, so it is critical to maintain records tightly.

Ski Patroller’s have multiple certifications required to be able to step out on to snow, and yet more training and courses over multiple seasons to be efficient and effective. This is because everything requires some training, depending on the hat the patroller wears at any moment (or simultaneously) – a first responder, safety manager, incident investigator, snowmobile driver, snow safety tech and customer service representative to name a few.

The end result is a complex web of external certifications and internal training competencies that can have a cycle of  three to five years.

The Training Passport module assists you in the creation and organisation of your assessments, setting each Task into a Module, and grouping Modules into Units.

Accountability and responsibility for trier own training is created by giving every user the visibility of their own progress. Even at the task level they can review assessor feedback, and what is coming up for renewal. Finding the correct assessor is no longer an issue as the Module page displays a list of who they can approach to get an assessment completed.

Tight permissions mean Assessors can be a limited list of qualified individuals, and a Module can be set to grant assessor permission to those who are competent, spreading the load across more people over time. Managers can of course monitor who is completing assessments as well.

Overall management is provided through our easy to use dashboard, using simple traffic light colours to indicate competency for each module and team member.

To learn more please visit the Training Passport product page, or book a time to have a no obligation demo with us.


  • Have an up to date view of your crews essential training
  • Continuous assessment system keeps skills fresh and up to date
  • Automatic reminders when skills are required to be refreshed
  • Works on competency periods from one week to multiple years
  • Assessment criteria available to candidates and assessors at any time
  • Spread the assessment load by allowing competent candidates to become assessors automatically
  • Track your crew’s external competency completions including OEC, FEMA ICS100, First Aid etc
  • Applicable to all job roles that require regular training recertification
  • Empower your team to control their own training


  • Unlimited Units, Modules and Assessment Tasks
  • Change configuration as required, instantly available to all users
  • New criteria instantly flagged as required assessment for the whole team
  • Configure your assessments into logical groups using Units, Modules and Assessment Tasks
  • Limit a module to specific Assessors for specialised training
  • Modules can grant assessment rights to competent candidate
  • Every user has a view of their own progress, assessor feedback and competency dates
  • Assign training manager rights to any user without being a manager
  • Assessors leave feedback on each assessment, for the candidate or the next assessor to review
  • Complete a full module assessment, or only some of the assessment tasks
  • Mark Competent or not yet competent on each assessment task
  • Colorful, easy to use dashboard view for training managers to view the entire staff progress
  • Expired competencies marks as ‘Review’ so user can remain competent, but needs refreshing
  • [COMING SOON] Ability to assign specific modules to crew members

If you have any questions or would like a demo of the new module please reach out to use