We just made Medic52 even better – here is the run down of what is new, and what we fixed for you.


  • You can now type in a date field, you don’t have to use the date picker popup so it’s that little bit faster on data entry
  • Dispatchers can now create incidents at the right location on the map using right click on the mouse
  • On an incident form we can now configure an input with Yes / No / Unknown
  • We changed the way we encrypt files and data, so now your data can be encrypted with your very own key
  • You can now have a date field on your form to be collected, e.g. to record the date and time you started CPR or applied an AED

Adding a new incident with a right click on the map

Updating dates with keyboard


  • On a busy day a dispatcher can now see more than 20 incidents when they reload the map screen
  • A small bug when closing cases
  • A few API related issues
  • Updated the third party libraries that we used to shiny new versions

If you experience any issues at all, please let us know – simply hit reply to this message.