The 2016 Work Ski Patroller Survey report is available for download – 33 pages of information about Ski Patrollers in 18 Countries around the World.

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2016 introduced questions about a hot topic – Unions. We asked about their effectiveness at improving a patroller’s pay and conditions. We also asked those not in a union if they perceive a union to be beneficial. We changed the way we ask about injury and are now more specific about what was injured and the severity of that injury. Related to his was the coverage of volunteer patrollers when they had an accident in uniform – it’s surprising to see how many do not have this benefit.

As in 2015 we asked about gear, national organisations, what the patroller’s boss could do for them, what is bad and what is good. We saw a slight drop in the willingness to continue being a patroller, and this could well be because of the death of the ski-bum, and the ability to draw a living wage from patrolling.

Take a read, and let us know what you think in the comments – does it match with your experiences as a Ski Patroller?

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