This video is a quick run-through of a little feature we’ve put in place on the iPad application to help patrollers be able to get in and get out and being more efficient with their paper work and what we’ve called it is fast user switching.


  1. Paid Medic52 Dispatch account
  2. iPad
  3. Manager level login (to activate the Fast user switching mode)
  4. WiFi / internet connection (does not work offline)


It is really important to note that this does make it a little bit easier to get to the data so if you are going to use this feature you must have your users understand the issues around data security. This device should be stored in a secure location that is not public. On the device itself you should have two things activated:

  1. A passkey so that when you open the ipad from sleep you need to type in the pass key to get into the device itself. Change this passkey on a schedule.
  2. Enable the find my iPhone/iPad feature, so if the device does get lost or stolen you can track it, and remote wipe the data in the worst case scenario


First of all open up the application and log into it using my Manager account.
Once logged in it’s going to download the cases that were already assigned to me and I can start to manage the cases that I have open.

In order to turn on the fast user switching mode we’re going to click the little icon of the person in the top right-hand corner and that’s going to read us the riot act with regards to data privacy and security of this device so read this carefully, and take the necessary precautions.

If this mode will violate your local legislation around security and data protection we advise you do not use it. 

Once activated you are presented wiht a list of users in your organisation. We can now very quickly switch between users so in this demo we will take a look at Steve Patroller. You can see that Steve’s got two cases to his name now and when he’s done with the device he can simply close out the application or lock the ipad and the next person that comes along simply click’s the top right-hand corner and then they can go through and login with their own details.

To create a case click the + at the bottom and off you go just like a normal login.

To logout, hit the person icon and then find the Manager user account. From there click the settings icon and Logout.