Today marks a significant feature release for managing, auditing and compliance around controlled substances like pain relief medication and explosives. We have also updated the management of charts and reports so you can build, save and re-run quickly.

NEW Resort Settings

  • Change your dispatch map starting point
  • Update the logo
  • Change the timezone
  • Get an API key for your customer facing app
  • View license information
  • Get your Network Key for user on boarding
  • Update the fields used on the Dispatch map popup
  • Update PDF output file
  • Update the GeoJSON map file

NEW Reports

  • Create and save a report
  • Create and save a chart
  • Group charts by Hour of Day of Week

FIXED Date formats to be relevant locale format, not a system format

NEW Quick user switching system for iPad app (coming soon)

NEW Data validation on save of an incident to stop reporting errors

FIXED Data validation on large numbers in numeric fields

FIXED Deleted incidents showing up on reports

FIXED Issue with one user registering twice in different locations

NEW Location Management

  • Create locations on hill such as huts and equipment storage
  • Group locations into Areas for easy management

NEW Asset Management

  • Create equipment assets and link to a location

NEW Controlled Substances

  • Create controlled substance, and link to a location
  • Check in new stock
  • Check out stock to a user/patroller
  • Stock reporting
  • Tag used by way of adding to an incident
  • Dispose of stock
  • Relocate stock to a new location
  • Audit log of all actions against stock
  • Permission access by user, not user level linked