A significant update in this release that moves the menu on the dispatch system up to the top, allow room for future growth and easier access to menu items.

menu rejig

To stop accidental deletion of incidents, when you select a case status of Deleted you are asked to confirm if this was the choice you wanted to make.

Multiple select questions are now check boxes, and thus you can now use this interface on an iPad/Tablet with a touch screen interface.

select are now check boxes

Fields can now show on selection of an item in a drop down or pick list. e.g. when you select Equipment source of Rental, we can show some more options for Rental shop, location, address etc.

Some other things we have fixed:

  • The Heatmap was not displaying data based on the date filter
  • When registering the email address case is now irrelevant
  • Injury options were not showing in the reporting selection
  • Help section was loading intermittently
  • Language files were being lost on refresh of a page, showing the_keys_with_underscores