To get you warmed up for the season, here are 3 great Positive safety videos that use Avalanche Dogs

to get the safety message across to the skiing public.

The video’s help to promote the ski patrol and safety in the resort’s lucky enough to have them. It’s a massive job to train a dog to be operational, a lot of discipline and work goes into them, and they can find a buried person much faster than a team with beacon’s.

They are also beautiful animals. Enjoy.

1) Jake from Vail: 

They start ’em young, and Jake is in his first season learning about snow and finding his favourite toy!

2) Walter from Alpine Meadows

Walter is super cute, but you can see he already wants to be one of the team in this video, getting their training done to become working dogs!

3) Snowmass Ski Patrol Dogs Gray, Piper and Caleb 

It’s a big day from Dawn to Dusk and the dog’s get involved in every aspect of ski patrol, knowing that when the vest goes on, business starts!