Earlier this year we released our Android client for ski patrollers involved in risk management and safety in ski resorts. Now the Androids can be as happy as the Apples.

Of course this version is Free to anyone that wants to use it.

The app is full featured in the same way as the iOS application.

  • Complete a full incident report on your device
  • Patient details are kept safe, encrypted on your device
  • Print an incident form to PDF or to a printer using Google Print
  • For networked users the data is removed each day for patient security
  • Collect and chart vitals (GCS Pain score, breathing and pulse)
  • Log all injuries, equipment, mechanism and treatment


android ski patroller app dashboard

The ski patroller Android app incident dashboard

android patient vitals entry

Entering patient vitals on the Android app



Please email us or leave some feedback for the app to let us know what you love, hate and want more of.

More to come soon.

Need a little more? Give us a call or email hello@medic52.com to learn more about our full featured dispatch system with live reporting and incident management.

Stay safe out there.