Full Transcript:

Hi, I’m Duncan, and I’ve been working in the ski industry since I was 18 and I’ve been a ski patroller for last 10 years.

I’ve also been in business developing website and mobile apps for the last 15 years.

I’m the author of The Smartphone Medic as well as the Technology Lead for the International Ski Patrol Federation.

As someone who’s worked in ski resorts and as a ski patroller I’ve seen first hand the problems that skiing incidents cause for the customer and the resort.

Delays in finding the patient can be critical to recovery and incident patterns are sketchy at best as they are lost in paper based recording after the event.

Rising insurance premiums and potential litigation also place a greater burden on the resort and it’s resources.

Resorts also need to produce positive marketing around safety, but find it hard to do without the evidence required to back it up.

I realised that every patroller has the technology in their pocket to immediately record and manage the patient recovery.

Medic 52 is the world’s first mobile app centred around the patient and the patroller, where the accident happens.

Patrollers are able to record the location exactly using GPS co-ordinates, photograph the scene to identify obstacles, record witness statements and obtain the patient details, which, via the cloud are instantly available to dispatch, management and safety teams.

This technology will create more efficient workflows thereby saving lives and saving money.

The improved data collection will assist in better management of risk areas.

I’m a lifetime skier and I know the industry can do more because technology like this exists.

It’s about reducing risk and cost resulting in keeping the customer safe so they can become lifetime repeat customers.

Even a small injury to a primary skier in a family could affect 4 potential customers.

There has never been a better time to capture the data that is within arms’ reach to make resorts safer.

I would love you to download the app to see how it works and email me for a free copy of my book – The Smartphone Medic.