I was just reviewing some of the old blog posts and re-read this post with tips on how to ski with a sled. It reminded me that we as ski patrollers put our patient’s in a life threatening situation just to get them safe.  They completely rely on the patroller controlling the sled, no matter what type it is (edge, cascade, akja etc). It’s a good reminder of how wrong things can go, even on a beautiful sunny day.

The second video is a solid reminder about how easily a minor event can escalate, and how easily that slip up can make it into the media with the prevalence of GoPro’s and smartphones being used for filming friends and family on that ski trip.

Here are two videos that have been viewed on YouTube over the last few years that are stark reminders of the role a ski patroller serves.

First, a scary video clip of a runaway sled in Mammoth, 2012 taken by a snowboarder on the slopes as he passed by. Not only is the passenger unable to do anything, the sled was lucky not to have hit another customer on its way down.

This second video may have come from an avoidable situation, and the customer needed to have some words given. However the escalation of this conversation went very fast, and the patroller went in hot. Be careful how you talk to a customer, as it may be unfortunate to end up on YouTube. Not good for the resort, the patroller in the video or Ski Patrollers in general.

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Image: screenshot from YouTube video.