Today we released a new version of the Medic52 ski resort safety app for ski patrollers.

So what’s new?

After gathering plenty of feedback from our 150+ testers on the initial version we have fixed a couple of issues where you would get stuck in Witnesses or Vitals. When you use the free version your data is not automatically deleted.

+ We have boosted security behind-the-scenes and through the system on our servers, working towards HIPAA compliance for the USA.

+ Cases now synch to the cloud as you add data meaning your dispatcher can see what is happening as your incident progresses.

+ We have added a print button for networked resorts to print out the Incident report, this can be formatted to your existing report to maintain workflow consistency.

+ Sometimes you administer Drugs to a casualty, so now your treatment record is more complete by selecting what drugs were administered, when and how much.

+ In Vitals, we added Pain Score (out of 10) to the charts, a field for spO2, and GCS Helper labels for that helpful reminder.

+ You can also prevent your phone from sleep while on an incident to save time unlocking your phone


– We have fixed the irritating bug that gets you stuck in Witnesses or Vitals, when you don’t want to complete it you can’t get out. Serves us right for a last minute change that would ‘help’ people!

– The patrollers screen is not shown if you are on the free version (because it has no idea who your other patrollers are)

– Your data stays on your phone if you are on the free version, it is no longer deleted after 24 hours.

Update / download from iTunes and let us know what you think! Feedback and ideas always welcome or use the Feedback button on the left side of the website.