As the long awaited first snow storm to hit Australia this winter starts closing in today, the Scots were still skiing on the first day of Summer.

Australian Snow Storm and predict a metre of snow this week.

Nearly three weeks into the official snow season Australia is in anticipation of a one metre snow storm this week, with all eyes on the radars, it will kick off the season.

Meanwhile in Scotland, summer started with a ski, after an unprecedented snow season that saw patrol shacks buried and lifts unusable due to the snow depth. At Glencoe Mountain. Dozens of skiers and snowboarders turned out to take advantage of the still impressive snowpack.

Meanwhile in Arapahoe Basin, Colorado, skiing and snowboarding was also happening  on the first day of summer, 241 days after opening on October 13th. A total of 444 inches of snow over 8 months brings it to its last day of the year.

Snow dance down under happening right now!

Featured picture – The bottom of the Village trail @ Thredbo.