Thinking about a career in the ski industry? Here are a few of the ski resort jobs and career opportunities available. Pursuing the winter life would work for anyone who is comfortable creating a life close to the mountains. Depending on the place where you live, ski resort jobs can be seasonal. However, many opportunities can also be found throughout the year, or by travelling between northern and southern hemispheres.

In a ski resort, you can work as a ski patrol officer, coach and professional ski instructor and many more outdoors. There are also job opportunities that are clerical in nature. Clerical jobs include customer support roles and some entry-level positions at the front desk. Jobs can be hard work, but rewarding, and come with a fun atmosphere to work in where there are lots of activities and you are sure to never be bored.

Outdoor job opportunities

For that winter season, the resorts hire operators for grooming the trails, tubing attendants to handle tube rental, lift operators, snow safety personnel, ski patrol officers and instructors. They don’t require much experience for the entry- level positions, all that is needed is the ability to work in a resort environment. You also need to be able to run up steep ravines during the cold months to reach the resort.

Here are some of the outdoor job opportunities you can find in a ski resort

Ski Patrol & Avalanche control staff

Although people are embracing this activity as a type of recreation, skiing is really a sport. Nevertheless, there is always a possibility of accidents and foul play happening, and for that reason, Snow Patrol officers are needed. Individuals in the ski patrol jobs may need to be always available on the mountains only to ensure the safety of guests. Apart from this they will provide help and guidance to people skiing. Avalanche crew does the avalanche bombing to check out avalanche areas. In addition, they are responsible for rescuing people in case there is an avalanche. You have to be fantastic on skis to do this job.

Ski or snowboard instructor & coach

Experienced skiers and riders could possibly get work as a coach for any college team. For this role, having a bachelor’s degree may be a prerequisite. It is also entirely possible that employment opportunity is only available in the months of certain college semesters.

Snow maker

Even in the months of winter, it is possible that nature doesn’t cooperate in terms of providing enough snow. Snowmaker helps the resort do business despite lacking enough real snow. When it is clear that there’ll not be enough snow on the mountain for skiing, these folks work around the clock using heavy machinery to produce artificial snow within the facility. Even in the absence of real snow, the snow makers are subjected to extremely low temperatures and might need to troubleshoot without help when the machines fail.

Lift operator

You’ll be out constantly, which can be very, very cold in some of the colder places. The task will involve a lot of shoveling to keep loading and unloading ramps smooth for riders. It can be arduous work and you are often the first one up in the morning and the last off at night.

Ski chalet host

You typically work six days per week with one day off. You will have to pick up the guests from the airport and be their guide for that week. You will also settle them into the hotel and ski with them around the mountains. The benefits generally include food, accommodation and a season pass. You might also get a great tip.

Indoor job opportunities

There are plenty of retail jobs and positions available for maintenance and supplies jobs. There are also plenty of support jobs available. Some resorts offer jobs for children-caregivers. Indoor workers include bakers, chefs and hotel staff.

Customer support

Individuals can pursue entry- level customer support jobs in ski resorts. These jobs may require experience in hospitality, but not always. Candidates, most significantly, should demonstrate the ability to work with other people, including employees and customers. In addition to having a pleasing personality, people who fill these jobs must have a nice appearance and be ready to deal with the public. Customer support jobs in a ski resort may need employees who are ready to accept late evenings or early morning shifts due to the nature of the business.

Office Work

Ski resorts are businesses just like any other, and employ accountants, risk managers, cleaners and managers from all sorts of different disciplines. There are many opportunities available, so enquire with your local resort to find out what can be done.

Who can apply?

Graduates, Seniors and mothers are all encouraged to apply!

Working in a ski resort is for a person young at heart. They have a lot of retired persons who work as instructors or perhaps in ticket sales department. They obtain their free ticket, have fun at work, and they get their summers off. They likewise have a lot of moms who work in the winter, so they can get their summers off and away to be with their children.

The Perks

There are lots of first-hand perks of working in a ski resort. You may also find a business opportunity working in a ski resort as they generally have some high end clientele.

The Hiring Season

The hiring season starts around early December and in most cases continues till early May. For the southern hemisphere, hiring season is March. But, there is no need to despair if you have missed this hiring frenzy. People leave jobs and these jobs are filled through additional hiring. There is no need to apply in person. It is possible to apply online through the website of the ski resort.

One Quick Tip

Some resorts offer subsidised housing. Others might not. If you need accommodation, make sure to enquire about this before you apply. The job is hard, but there’s plenty of time for play. Be ready to have lots of fun!