Thank you!

Thank you very much for booking the time for a demo!

You’ll receive an email in just a second with a link on it, which will be for Google Meet. That’s what we use to do the presentation.

Just click on that a few minutes before the meeting, just to make sure your microphone and your speakers are all hooked up. And if you have any problems or you need to reschedule for some reason, there’s a link in that email as well to manage your booking and shift it around.

Now, in this call, we’ll cover off a whole bunch of information about what Medic52 will do for you & what the benefits are.

We’ll cover off a few things about your particular operation. So obviously we don’t talk about things that are not relevant to you.

So we’ll look a bit about, do you run a dispatch? How many volunteers versus paid patrollers? What does your first responders’ situation look like? How do you transport patients and do you have an aid room? Is there a doctor? All of those kinds of bits and pieces and we’ll cover off some of those.

We’ll give you a little look through some of them and give you an opportunity to answer some questions. And of course, we’ll talk a bit about pricing, as well. So I look forward to seeing you there.

If you have any questions, just hit reply to the email that I’ve just sent you and we’ll see you then