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Integrating Medic52 in your customer smartphone app

Imagine your customer needs help and they turn to your resort smartphone app to find out the ski patrol phone number. They find that number and also a button that they press and it sends a request for help.

Seconds later their phone rings and it’s the ski patrol!

The dispatcher confirms the nature of the issue, and because it came from the phone, they also know exactly where the customer is in the resort. They dispatch a patroller who is on scene moments after the customer made the call for help.

The Medic52 API enables an existing smartphone application to submit an incident directly to the system. It appears on the dispatcher screen at the location the button was pressed (using the customer phone GPS) and can be managed directly.

The following information is for app developers wishing to integrate this feature.

Steps to enable:

Go to the Resort Settings Screen on the web application and create an oAuth key & secret, you will need these to gain access to the API.

API Key Generation

This screen will also give you an API Endpoint:

API Information

If at anytime you believe this key is compromised, click the button to regenerate the key and create a new set.

Authenticate with the API using your oAuth key

Once done you are able to submit a request to /api/version/incidents/public/ that contains the following information:

"resort_network_key": "abc123",
"reporter_name": "Peter Stephenson",
"reporter_phone": "0325 325 325",
"field_52ca456962ba8": {
"lat": -159.3456787,
"long": 34.0639757,
"accuracy": 5
"notes": [
"note_date": "2015-02-15 21:45:03",
"note": "User submitted incident via MyResort App."

The response will simply be

"incident_id": "af7130df-8d4c-41e9-b368-3f620154f9a1"

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