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How much smartphone data does Medic52 use?

You are doing what you love, but you don’t really want a mammoth bill next month from your cell phone provider, especially when you are using a personal data plan for work use.

In this article we give you an idea on how much data the app uses and why, and you may also want to read how to get images and audio files to upload only via WiFi.

Data use summary

Here is a breakdown of what the application will send and receive from your mobile device.

The configuration of the application is about 30kb of text. This is done once when you sign in, then any time the config is changed on your resort, which will be very rare.

Each time you open the app, there is a heartbeat request that checks if anything is new. This is about 1kb of data. This may trigger a download of a case that has been assigned to you, a new application configuration, or nothing at all.

A case update will be between 10kb and 200kb of text. This will happen each time you change between screens whilst editing a case, in order to get data up to the cloud system as regularly as possible. Clearly the more data in the case, the larger the update.

A typical photo is 2.5mb of data. The depends a lot on the camera in your device of course.

The heavy hitters are the audio statements you may record. These can vary from 1mb for a very short statement, to 10mb and more.

Where possible we also use a technique called gzip to compress the requests to make them as small as possible, and thus make best use of the data available.


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