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Cases not syncing to server

If you find that you have cases or media that are not showing up when you look at the case on app.medic52.com you can check the status of the sync to see what has / has not yet synchronised.

Using the Cases app, go to the list of cases and on each you can see a small dot on each case:

  • Grey – The case has not yet be sent to the server for the first time
  • Orange – Changes on the app have yet to synch to the server
  • Green – All synchronized!

View individual case synch status

You can also swipe a case sideways on the list, and reveal the Status / Information button. Click this and the screen will show you all the information about last sync date and time, plus any system identifiers that will be useful to our support team if you have any issues.

Synch Status Screen

At the bottom of this screen you can push to synchronise the case (including any media).

Device synch status

Go to the home page, and click the Cog icon in the top right to open the Settings page.

At the top you will see information about what data is waiting to sync to the server. It can include any cases on your device, and / or the media attached, such as photos.

Force Sync to Server


If you have either waiting to be synchronized then click the round, red, Sync Now button to force the app to push the data up.

Note that if you have the Only sync media over WiFi turned on this will not push the images if you are connected through 3G/4G.

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